The Importance of Quality Control

Quality control isn’t one of those exciting, sizzling marketing terms. But I dare say if companies became lax about quality control, you would definitely notice. Consider opening your brand new iPad 2 box and inside you found the glass screen missing. Or opening your baby formula to find ground up metal bits mixed in with powder. At every step along the way in any process, the function of quality control is to avoid the ultimate disaster or even just the minor disasters. I’ve heard it said that an important realization of quality control is the assumption that if human beings are involved mistakes WILL happen but if you have a system you CAN catch them. Since we at UN Communications Group only employ human beings, that means we are not immune to mistakes and therefore continue to work on Quality Control systems. Your company of course wants to avoid the iPad or baby formula nightmares described above but don’t you also want to avoid having even the small embarrassing mistakes. Typos on your invoice, missing small administrative requests on the purchase order, transposing digits of part numbers or quantities. Anything that human beings can mess up, they will eventually. So you need a good quality control system, and need to work with vendors who also have a good QC system. After all, if we’re printing things for you, you want the end product to look good, right?
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