NCOA Processing Acknowledgement Forms

Once approved, “National Change of Address Processing Acknowledgement Forms” are valid for 1 year from the date of submission.

A few reminders according to USPS regulations:
  • Under no circumstances shall a third party Broker, Agent, or List Administrator. be considered the Mailing List Owner nor have the authority to sign on behalf of the Mailing List Owner.
  • NCOA processing may not be used to create or maintain a new movers list.
  • Prior to the processing of NCOALink data, every customer must have completed and returned to their NCOALink Licensee the “NCOALink Processing Acknowledgement Form” provided to them by their Licensee or Agent. It is inappropriate to misrepresent any of the information on the form. Punitive action will be taken by the USPS if the customer, agent, or licensee is found to have knowingly supplied false information. Depending on the severity of the offense, actions may include litigious or even criminal charges being brought against the offender.
Any questions, please contact your customer service representative.  

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