ChoosePrintlogoIn a 2014 study Nielsen analyzed 11 key marketing touch points (i.e. sources that consumers refer to before and during shopping). Although just three of these touch points were print and eight were digital, print produced far greater shopping engagement – nearly 20 points higher than the next-closest digital touch point, emails. Similarly Starch Syndicated Research has found that magazine ads motivate readers to take action, with 35% of magazine readers having taken action on a print magazine ad this year.

The facts cannot be ignored: Print builds brand identification and powers sales. It’s no wonder print media is till the workhorse of successful marketing and advertising campaigns.



ChoosePrintlogoConsider these facts about target marketing and response rates:  A study comparing consumer response rates to a variety of direct mail techniques demonstrated that color and personalization can drive response rates higher than the industry standard of 2 to 4%….

Tier 1: 1.0% Response Rate
Black and white piece with no personal information.

Tier 2: 1.5% Response Rate
Black and white piece with personalization, or full-color piece with no personalization.

Tier 3: 2.0% Response Rate
Full-color piece with name-only personalization.

Tier 4: 6.5% Response Rate
Full-color piece with deeper personalization, combined with content that is specific to the recipient.