Mission, Vision and Values



A provider of comprehensive print services, UN Communications Group Inc. promises superior customer service and satisfaction through our dedication and expertise.


By the end of 2016, through exceptional work by our employees UN Communications Group Inc. will be known as a premier provider of comprehensive print services to local, state and regional businesses, marketing firms, as well as to key industries through our WBE status. Ten percent of our clients will also be national. Sales will reach $6.8 million.  



  1. Respect: A family-oriented company, we show respect to our coworkers in all situations.
  2. Customer Service that Drives Excellence: We are action oriented in our relationships with our co-workers and clients resulting in customer service that drives quality outcomes
  3. Passion for the Business: We take pride in knowing our jobs well and continuing to learn about the industry.
  4. Communication and Responsiveness: We have open lines of communication with our co-workers and are honest with them even when things go wrong. We are highly responsive to our customer’s needs.
  5. Diligence and Wisdom in Business Decisions: Because we are in the business for the long term, our decisions are in the interest of all employees and customers.

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